Talk the Talk – Spanish Courses

There are a number of software and programs available out there that can aid users interested in learning new languages. Following you can find an example that you might want to consider if you are interested in learning Spanish with the aid of your computer and different computer programs.

Talk the Talk

Talk the Talk Spanish is ideal for those people interested in learning the Spanish language and that meet the following criteria:

  • Teenagers and young adults who wish to acquire a larger vocabulary in modern Spanish.
  • Anyone who wants to learn full sentences instead of single words.
  • Those who want to build up their confidence and to start speaking Spanish more fluently in different situations and contexts.

Talk the Talk contains over 9 different topics and you can use them in any order you want.


  • You can choose the right image to match the word or phrase you hear.
  • Each subject category contains many phrases and dialogue exercises and quizzes.
  • Playing memory games is a great way to test how much you’ve learned!

How does it work?

You can learn useful phrases for a variety of social situations, such as “Le enviaré un SMS luego” and “Ganamos la partida por penales”.

You can compete in variouquizzess quizzes in the subject category you choose and test the vocabulary you’ve just learned. You will improve your pronunciation by using the recording feature, where you can compare your pronunciation with your language teacher. The video sequences make it possible for you to see the language teacher’s body language and lip movements.

Includes exercises within different everyday life contexts, namely family, school, hobbies, traveling, home, technology, work, sports and world etc.

There is even an extra section with access to more advanced vocabulary.

You can even download the software from the Internet and start using it right away.